STP 1000: Synthesizer Teapot
14 x 6 x 12”
Stoneware, Glaze, Hardware, Aluminum, Decal, Electronic Components, Tea
Built 2017

A functioning analog synthesizer and teapot. The synthesizer guts are built with Ray Wilson’s Sound Lab Mini Synth pcb embedded in a gas reduction fired teapot, with a home-made aluminum face plate. If you’re curious about anything Synthesizer DIY, check out his website:

Pot Amplifier
8 x 8 x 12 in.
Glazed Ceramic, Amplifier, Speaker

This is an analog resonator chamber using a thrown ceramic pot as the space for sound to travel around. Below the bottomless pot is a speaker. The speaker plays whatever you feed into it and a microphone is placed above to record the sounds produced.