Scaled to fit room
Projectors, cameras, fishtank, clay, water

Live feed video installation in Alfred University’s Immersive Gallery These cameras are linked to projectors that fill the walls with microscopic images of clay settled in water.
Three channel video
2 minutes
Presented in the TSI/Snodgrass Gallery

“Much like Daguerre's early landscape dioramas, Britt Moseley's "Sunset" features light and movement in a translucent image.(1) Moseley regulates his fish-tank cinema of attractions using electronics and puppetry. Moseley's mountain landscape is "Alfred Lumpy Slip", a liquefied suspension of clay particles in water. During shooting and seen in the video, the slip settled and grew delicate hairlike structures, the kind of microscopic spaces, that can hold complex reactions, possibly the DNA that led to all living cells.(2)”Rebekkah Palov (See Full Essay)

Mortal Coils by Rebecca Rafferty