You Want To See The World So Here's The World
5 minutes
Puppet Performance
Performed at Pratt Institute’s Student Union in Fantastic Fascinations

Written and created by Britt Moseley
Puppetry by Britt Moseley and Nick Fusaro
Music composed by Zoe Aqua

Voice Over

I'm thinkin bout you
oh you know
In a tree
canopy tree
We can swing free
in a hammock
from the stars

When you wake up you are a puppy
I am a cat

Look up.
Now I am the sky.
Welcome to tomorrow
the sun will appear
and the city will glow then dim
It might end up scary
as tomorrow does

things will move again

Time Lanturn Alarm Clock

Time to work
Time to think
Time to see friends
Time to ask questions
Time to buy a new sponge
Time to eat
Time to change
Time to go to bed
Time has stopped
Time goes on and on
Time can be good to you

Voice Over

Everything you need to know
about anything is always
on the INTERNET!


Voice the people I mean to reach
I've forgotten about briefly
or enough to fall past my hands
and allow the days
meanderings to take over

Happy sad whatever years of
growing and undulation under the surface
erupt in small conversations in warehouses over champange
speaking of life underpaid but luxurious

RE: work help
RE:studio assistance
RE: no subject

time becomes inches
or lists of names I know for a couple months

The orbits of life spin into smaller areas,
out into big ones,
back into old routines