Behind the topiary hedge wall is a collection of cardboard representations of water, poop, traffic cones, and many other random things. Every few seconds one of these signs are held above the hedge wall accompanied by a booming voice announcing a new title for each sign. Sometimes, fog bursts out as well. The performance is improvised and durational, allowing for new words to be associated with different cardboard signs.

It is efficient to name and categorize everyday things in order to communicate what those things are. When I say “shoe” you know exactly what I mean. If I point to that same thing and say “horizon”, you might imagine a narrative involving a lot of walking. If I remake it in ceramic it will be completely non-functioning and is now a heavy symbol for what we call a “shoe.” In this playful and irreverent body of work, I am interested in creating objects and media that confront and disrupt our ordinary patterns of classification in order to see the world in new ways.

Durational Performance
Performed during the opening of Bad Jokes
Silas Marder Gallery
Bridgehampton, NY.

Set Design By Tucker Marder