The hedge wall is an organic puppet theater for the improvised, durational performance series Things. Behind the wall is a collection of cardboard representations of water, poop, traffic cones, and many other random things. Every few seconds one of these signs are held above the hedge wall accompanied by a booming voice announcing a new title for each sign.

Performance for the opening of Bad Jokes
Silas Marder Gallery
Bridgehampton, NY.
About 1 hour in duration

Set Design By Tucker Marder

Sewage in the Aquifer

Performance commissioned for the Beaches and Bays Gala
Long Island Nature Conservancy
Bridgehampton, NY.
About 1 hour in duration


Presented in the exhibition All Good Children Go To Heaven
Three Four Three Four gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
8x12x7 ft.

Mixed media

A sculptural realization of the Things performance. The painted cardboard images are affixed to an ad-hoc lumber structure. Similar to the performances, the creation of the sculpture was improvised and forces relationships between seemingly random images.