Flower Mornings

5 minutes
Performed at the LaMama Puppet Slam
LaMama ETC.
New York, NY.

Music composed by Zoe Aqua on violin with accordion by Hannah Temple
Puppetry by Nick Fusaro and Britt Moseley

Flower Speech

Whatevers and whatnots.
Rulers and servants.
Bigger chairs with arm rests
tired legs and tired arms
how to videos
describing how to make a
how to video

blank stares.....

Maybe a mission of mine
is to learn to...
put think....
together to form a ….
thing I want to do?

You know?
I'm living in each moment.
Staring at the floor
time is going.
Or is it when I'm looking at a clock
that seems so fast...
It is just so hard to see your self,
to hold a mirror to your life,
not only looking,
but of your times of doing
and not doing
and falling over
and to really get a good look at them.

One thing that is alarming is to see yourself on film,
to hear your voice through a speaker.
What if you could see your childhood in a movie theater.....

And how does one really live?

I ask myself this daily
and think
“Well maybe if I could travel,
at least move away,
or If I had more money I could do such and such”
but really
if I were to have more money
and to be somewhere different
things may not change at all.


it still hurts my eyes to look directly into the sun,
and I can get cold.
I find the best days
are the ones
where I find a wholeness to myself,
a inner connectivity
between the mundane movements