Carbon Cycling in the Deep

Words by Evan Starr, puppetry and performance by Britt Moseley
Show Organized by Tucker Marder and Isla Hansen
Phipps Concervatory, Pittsburgh, PA.

This is a freestanding, multi-use theater resembling a tree stump built and performed for the event “Encountering the Unseen: Puppet-actualized Lectures on Topics in Microbiology.” There is a shadow puppet screen on the side of the tree, and a marionette theater where the roots are. Mr. Starr’s lecture on the importance of researching the cycling of carbon by bacteria and viruses living deep below the surface of the ground, in and around tree roots, was animated by this puppet theater. Performed at the Phipps Conservatory's Lecture Hall as part of "The Unseen," an evening of puppet performances illustrating scientific lectures.