The video performance Buena Vista is about creating beautiful environments and landscapes with common household goods and detritus, and through the use of video cameras onstage that act as microscopes, these things are enlarged on a projector for the audience to see. This piece is an abstract take on puppetry; rather than creating a performance with figures Buena Vista is concerned with the backgrounds and landscapes and how that can become a dynamic piece of puppet theater. In working on the show, I’ve developed a system of miniature theaters I call Bucket Theater. These contraptions have rows of color changing LED lights, a small port hole for a camera to look into, a funnel for pouring liquids, small fans to blow air around, pumps to draw liquid in and out, and hoses for fog to enter. The bucket theaters were the focus of this performance.

All music and sound design is created by Sean Petell. Similar to the video, the composition of the score is done in guided, but mainly improvised sessions reacting to the visuals. The score is etherial, ominous, fun, and sometimes groovy.