Performance Schedule

Sunday November 7 at 7PM
Sunday November 14 at 6PM
Sunday November 21 at 6PM

Buena Vista: The Audio/Visual Environment is an ethereal mind-bending work of installation and performance art theater created by Britt Moseley with a musical score composed by Sean Petell. It is a live cinema experience done with miniature sets and enclosures, enlarged by an array of video cameras. Originally produced as a theatrical performance, this iteration will be presented in a retail storefront inside of the 59th St. Columbus Circle subway station, in the Turnstile Underground Market #13.

The multi-media installation will feature live projections and ceramic sculpture and will be open Sunday from 3-8 PM and Monday-Tuesday 2-7 PM, from November 7-28th.

Buena Vista is a journey through time and space, zooming into wall vents to discover solar systems, see the cosmos forming, and the creation of civilization. It is a live video-puppetry performance of backgrounds and landscapes, with the effect being that of watching a film and the creation of the images simultaneously. With no discernable figures, the performance is instead occupied with the landscape and planetary creation as the focus of the show, with action happening over geologic time. Onstage the performers create these vistas with incredibly mundane materials: decaying mountain ranges of ceramic clay, orbiting planets of rubber balls, clouds of wood glue, and pepto-bismol volcanoes. Ceramic sculptures resembling tombstones and mountains are on display, like crystallized versions of the organic clay mountains.

Performance at the Folly Tree Arboretum