Afternoon Tea & Jam

A collaboration with Wen-You Cai mixing long form instrumental music (Jam) with tea and teatime conversations (Tea). Special guests contribute to either the Tea or Jam. Originally created as a live video performance in virtual programming at Special Special in 2020, this show has been adapted into a talk/music radio format for Montez Press Radio. Each episode will be archived here after airing.

Volume 2 of Afternoon Tea and Jam Sessions
Streamed live  on Wednesday, August 19th at 3:00pm EST.

Wen-You Cai and I had some tea while I played music with the teapot and other home made synthesizers. Also appearing in this performance was the auxiliary tablecloth, which influenced the music when cups were placed on its conductive surface. The Synthesizer Teapot was featured in the show Artists’ Tools at Special Special, New York, NY. February-August 2020. Photos by Anais Weilenman

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